Group Rides

Remember, safety is YOUR responsibility.  Helmets are REQUIRED!

This page lists recurrent rides; for special rides, please check our News/Blog.  All ride times should be considered subject to change, please contact the ride leader to confirm date/time for any specific schedule changes.


Brown Mountain to El Prieto (MTB)
Every non-RDO Friday starts at 6:30am, ride time 70-120 minutes.
Meet at the top of the “ramp” road outside the JPL East Gate.  Climb to the Saddle From there depending on time (8:45am meeting to shower and change for) and interest either continue up from Saddle to upper brown or descend directly from saddle down fern descent to El Prieto.
Pace:   Moderate to slow (I’m not a morning person) 30-45 minute to saddle.   Recovering at saddle 5 minutes.  Saddle to El Prieto 5 minutes.  El Prieto 15-30 (depends on crashes)
Ride Leader: Jessica Bowles-Martinez


Brown Mountain Road (MTB)
I’m out there two or three days a week and shooting for every non-RDO Friday, starts 11:30-11:45 am, 45-60 minutes.
Meet at the top of the “ramp” road outside the JPL East Gate.  Climb to the Saddle and return down Brown Mountain Rd.  (Option of returning down El Prieto Trail, but this usually takes a little longer than I have for a lunch break.)
Pace: Moderate to Fast, depending on your ability.  The climb to the Saddle takes me 27-30 minutes when fast, 30-35 at a moderate pace.  Return takes no more than 15 minutes; aim for 60 minute total time.
Ride Leader: Marcum Martz

Commuter Rides

Bike Train! – Updated Schedule

The Bike Train is a fun, safer way for people to commute by bike!  The Bike Train is a group of people commuting together on bikes along a safe, popular route.  Bike Train is led by a Bike Train Engineer: an experienced rider who will set a moderate pace for the train, send twitter updates at each stop, and be able to fix a flat or take care of other basic problems.

It is important that your transportation be reliable, accountable, and easy to communicate with.  When you ask your car questions, does it give you the cold shoulder?  That’s ok, we understand.  So we have several ways to communicate with the Bike Train:

SCHEDULE – Thursday mornings
7:20 AM – Meet Arroyo Blvd and Arroyo Dr.
7:30 AM – Arroyo Blvd and Everts St.
7:36 AM – Arroyo Blvd and W. Howard
7:43 AM – N. Windsor and Archwood (one block past W. Woodbury)
7:47 AM – N. Windsor and Figueroa Dr
7:52 AM – N. Windosor and Ventura St.  (top of east lot)
7:57 AM – Arrive at East Gate
8:00 AM – Arrive at respective office, Lab, etc.


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