About Us



Formed in 1974, the Bike Club promotes bicycling for recreation and commuting, bicycle safety, and improved riding conditions and facilities at JPL. The Club is one of several organized JPL Recreation Clubs.


The Club usually schedules several rides each month. In addition, the Club occasionally conducts technical clinics, slide shows, training courses, etc. An Activities Calendar is distributed electronically and includes special instructions, what to bring, and who to contact for each ride listed. Most activities are free. For most rides, the only advertisement you will receive about the ride is in the Activities Calendar, so make sure you save that announcement and refer to it frequently. Email announcements are used to advertise short notice rides which did not make the Calendar.


All club correspondence will be conducted via e-mail and the News/Blog (https://sites.google.com/site/jplbikes/news—blog). The club has an automated e-mail mailing list for electronic distribution of event calendars and newsletters – anyone with a valid Internet e-mail address can join the list. Please try and use the appropriate forum for posting your messages. Remember, the mailing list (https://sites.google.com/site/jplbikes/email_list_instructions) is intended for *timely* information and announcements. General information, discussion, and debates should be directed to the newsgroup, and not the mailing list. Contact the Club Secretary for more information about accessing these electronic resources. The Club secretary will make special arrangements for members without email access.


The JPL Bicycle Club does not actively participate in amateur competitive cycling (on or off road) or collegiate racing. However, there are several local racing clubs for interested members.


As the focal point for the Club’s commuting activities, the Commuting Representative is always looking out for the road warrior. However, Rideshare/Commuting concerns (showers, lockers, subsidies, parking, etc.) should be addressed to the JPL Rideshare Office. Although the Bike Club is willing to help, the Rideshare Office is the place to start. As part of its commitment to bicycle commuting, the Club provides monthly commuting mileage forms available through the website. The Club also keeps commuting/recreational mileage records and publishes them to jpl-bikes monthly.


The JPL Bicycle Club does not address commuting issues at Caltech. A separate organization, Caltech Velo – TheCaltech Bicycle Club handles commuting concerns for people who work at Caltech. General Caltech-related cycling inquiries can be directed to Caltech Velo, email: cycling@caltech.edu. Affiliated with the Club is the Caltech Bike Lab.


On occasion the Club has made group purchases of books, jerseys, jackets, T-shirts, tires, tubes, and helmets, at discount for the benefit of the members. If you have an idea (and a source!) contact the Club Secretary.


The Club owns many tools, including a bike workstand and a wheel truing stand. In addition, the Club has available for loan a hard-sided case for carrying bicycles on airplanes, and a wide variety of magazines, catalogs, maps, and other publications. The tools and library are kept on-lab by the Technical Chairman and are available to members on request. Tools and publications may be borrowed for a period of two weeks at a time. The Club also subscribes to several monthly magazines. For information about the current magazine subscriptions and about joining the distribution list, contact the Technical Chairman.


General Meetings are held on the THIRD Thursday of each month. A meeting of officers is held occasionally and is open to all members. The date and time/place of each meeting is announced via the club email list. Torsten Zorn is the current president. Gene Wester is the current treasurer.


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